Michael Smith Mechanical Engineer + Design Strategist

Selected Projects

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UArts Recycling Investigation and Renovation

2009, Fall

For the past few years, the University’s recycling policy has been shrouded in confusion and miscommunication. Some faculty and staff believed the school was recycling material, but others doubted that the system worked at all.

Our team investigated the recycling confusion and, after gathering inconsistent explanations from a variety of stakeholders, we discovered that the University was not recycling at all!

We then developed approaches to communicate the University’s policy and ensure the system’s effectiveness. In collaboration with the University's Housekeeping Services Department, our team launched a new University-wide school system based on our research. We developed clear labels to place on bins throughout campus as well as communication material to spread the word.

Since the program's launch in December 2010, the University was able to collect over 79,700 pounds of recyclable material through May 2011.

Based on the UArts Recycling Project, the animation below was developed as a guide to explain our experiences and assist others in beginning a recycling program at their organizations. Created with Adobe After Effects.